Basket Strecher Model 71 71 S Ferno CV. Pallscientific

Basket Strecher Model 71 71 S Ferno

Ferno 71 and Ferno 71S Basket Stretcher The Ferno 71 Basket Stretcher is constructed of a high density polyethylene shell supported by a permanently attached heavy-duty aluminium frame. The Ferno 71-S two-piece Basket Stretcher has the same features as the one-piece Ferno 71 Basket Stretcher but separates in half for compact storage or backpacking to a rescue site. Features Brass grommets strategically located for quick use with the Ferno Adjustable Lifting Bridles. Moulded runners and handholds Moulded-in runners and handholds make it easy to handle. Chemical UV rust and corrosion resistant. Easily replaceable mattress is attached inside the stretcher for patient comfort. Supplied standard with four two-piece quick release patient restraints. Additional Features of split 71-S Separates for compact storage orbackpacking to rescue site Stretcher halves store nested together Stretcher is quickly assembled andsecured with pins Specification Specification One Piece Two Piece Code FWE71 FWE71S Length 218 cm 218 cm Width 61 cm 61 cm Height 19 cm 19 cm Weight 11 kg 11 kg Load Limit 272 kg 272 kg

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