Slurry Seal Slurry Mixer Micro Surfacing PT. Fortena Prima Teknik

Slurry Seal Slurry Mixer Micro Surfacing

The LMT5255TXF Slurry seal can carry 9CBM of aggregates bin in a level truck with loading 3000 L of asphalt emulsion and 3000 L of water.
LMT5255TXF truck-mounted Micro surfacing paver to deliver an efficient method of preventive maintenance for highways roads and parking lots which can extend the life of pavement by up to seven or more years. Slurry seal is a mixture of aggregate asphalt emulsion water and additives that is applied over existing pavement as one smooth layer. The truck-mounted LMT5255TXF can carry 9CBM of aggregate in a level struck load 3000 L of asphalt emulsion and 3000 L of water. It features a 300 L additive tank. The pugmill conveyor and all liquid material tanks are removable for easy cleaning. All tanks are bolted in rather than welded adding extra durability and improving ease of maintenance. The asphalt emulsion and water tanks are separate components eliminating possible rust-through and contamination of products.
The LMT5255TXF has convenient control locations and good operator visibility. The unit is powered by an onboard 130 HP (97 kW) Cummins diesel engine located at the front of the unit in an enclosed engine compartment that reduces noise for the driver and crew.
Aggregate is delivered to the pugmill by a belt-over-chain conveyor to eliminate slippage.
Steep hopper walls minimize bridging while the hoppers polyethylene lining reduces friction. This eliminates the need for a vibrator which decreases problems with loose bolts and damage to welds and components. The asphalt emulsion ratio is regulated as it is pumped by gear pump into the pugmill where they are mixed with the aggregate. The variable speed dual-shaft multi-paddle pugmill has a dual hydraulic drive which provides even mixture and coating of the aggregate.
The LMT5255TXF has a full-width working platform that allows operators to easily see both sides of the unit the spreader box and the material being placed. In addition a remote sideshift control lets the spreader box operator control the box from the ground.
The LMT5255TXF is part of METONG LMT5 Series of truck-mounted Slurry seal pavers which also includes the LMT5310TXF LMT5255TXF.

II. Specification



Chassis Model




Displacement (CC)



4600 1350

Auxiliary Engine

Cummins 4BTA3.9

Auxiliary Engine Power

97KW 2300RPM

Aggregates Bin Capacity


Emulsion Bitumen Tank Capacity(L)


Water Tank Capacity(L)


Additive Tank Capacity

230 L

Cement Tank Capacity

0.5 M 3

Making Slurry Capacity (Kg min)

1800-2000 Kg min

Paving Width

2.54.2 M

Working Speed

2.32.5 Km h

Truck Max Speed

90 Km h



Tare weight


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